Microwave Ovens

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  1. 31L Family size Touch control Microwave

    Daewoo Touch Control Microwave with A range of features fit for any families needs with its huge 31 Litre capacity 1000w output supporting 10 powe...
  2. 20L Touch control Microwave with Eco Zero Standby

    The Daewoo KOR9LBKW, Retro Styled microwave has a gloss finish designed to fit into modern kitchen designs. It has a capacity of 20 litres and powe...
  3. 14L Compact Manual Microwave

    This innovative compact 14 Litre microwave oven with its stylish white design is designed to be useful if you have limited space. It can be used fo...
  4. 28L Easy steam cleaning Combination Microwave Oven with Grill

    The Daewoo KOC9C0T Combination Microwave Oven, with its white design and great features, has been designed to cope with a wide range of cooking dem...
  5. 20L Manual control Microwave with stainless steel interior

    Daewoo KOR6N35S Manual Microwave Oven with Stainless Steel cavity, 800 Watt, 20 Litre- White. An efficient emission of microwaves ensures food is c...
  6. 20L Manual Microwave

    The Daewoo KOR6L77 Manual Microwave Oven in White, is designed to be easy to operate and it features 5 Power Levels, a 35 minute timer and a push b...
  7. 20L Touch control Microwave with Duoplate

    The Daewoo KOR6M1RDW White Microwave features the duo-plate design which allows you to heat or cook two items at the same time.
  8. 20L Manual Control Microwave oven


Grid List

8 Item(s)