Microwave Oven FAQ

  • The paint is peeling underneath the turntable
    • “paint peeling” can occur in any microwave oven that has an enamel interior cavity. We have tested many ovens over the last 15 years with this fault, and on each occasion it has been proven that the cause is due to the liquid condensation not being wiped dry from the cavity well underneath the glass plate after each use. If this does not get wiped dry after each use then the enamel can start to blister. With the weight of the food on the turntable pressing down on the rotating ring means that when the wheels run through the moisture it causes friction, and ultimately the enamel to start lifting and coming away. Once any bare metal is exposed we would not recommend continued use as the bare metal can cause the microwave to spark.
  • There is steam building up inside the door
    • It is not unusual for steam to build up inside the microwave when cooking food with high moisture content. There is a splash guard on the inside of the door, as this is only stuck on it is possible for the steam to get up underneath it. If you leave the door open for a few minutes after cooking and this steam will clear. If the steam is actually between to the two layers of glass in the door, please contact your retailer for an exchange as this could be a fault with the door seal.
  • My microwave cuts out and doesn't come back on for a few minutes
    • Daewoo microwaves have a "thermal cut-out system" where the appliance will cut out if it over heats. It can happen if you are using it for long periods of time or when you are using it a few times straight after each other or sometimes when cooking something with a high moisture content (like jacket potatoes). You need to ensure that you have plenty of space around it to allow sufficient ventilation and make sure that the vents on the side are not covered.

Not Heating

Model No. Solution
KOC154K, KOC1B4K Open & close door to wake up, check set to correct function
KOC9Q1TSL, KOC9Q3T, KOC9Q4T, KOG3000SL, KOG6L6B, KOR1N0A, KOR6L65, KOR6L65SL, KOR6L6BD ,KOR6L6BDBK, KOR6N7RS, KOR8A0R Check set to correct function
KOR6A0R, KOR6L5R, KOR6N9RB, KOR6N9RC, KOR6N9RP, KOR6N9RR, KOR6N9RW Open & close door to wake up.
KOR6L15, QT1, QT2, QT3 Check dial is set to high power turn clockwise.

Top of Cabinet Scored

Model No. Solution
All Models Customer misuse, customer needs to open box from underside.


Model No. Solution
All Models Loose wire / screw or wire touching fan motor

Dead / Not Operating

Model No. Solution
KOC154K, KOC1B4K, KOR6A0R, KOR6L5R, KOR6N9RB, KOR6N9RC, KOR6N9RP, KOR6N9RR, KOR6N9RW, KOR8A0R, QT1, QT2, QT3 Open and close door to wake up, the microwave goes into power saving mode 10 minutes after use.

Start Button Not Working

Model No. Solution
All Models Open & close door and check function

Over-heated / Stopped Working

Model No. Solution
All Models Allow to cool down and re-try possibly over-heated

If the problem persists Please contact customer service on 0844 887 2525